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The Original Enterprise Remote Sensing Consultant

Juniper Unmanned is a specialist.  We do precisely one thing, and we do it very well.  We help enterprises unleash the power of remote sensing and analytics.  Our services are built to consult you through the process of designing, developing, and integrating these powerful tools into your asset management programs. We work in all kinds of industries, building solutions from unexploded ordnance detection, to dam safety inspection.  We have designed systems for monitoring methane on well pads, and for detecting attachments on power poles. We have conducted transportation surveys and analyzed the environmental impact of new construction.  We help you transform your workflow so you can focus on what you do best.

A Broad Range of Capabilities

Our team is skilled with the capabilities that are needed for an end-to-end solution. From drones to satellites. From LiDAR to magnetometry. From acquisition to analytics.  We have a broad range of capabilities for most enterprise solutions.


At the core of our services is operational design. Our solutions engineers work with you through the four stages of appreciative inquiry: discovery, dream, design, and deliver. Our engineers and scientists will design a set of technologies and workflows to achieve your distinct business objectives.
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The components of your program are developed and tested. In this stage we procure or develop hardware, software, and liveware from the technical and business requirements. We will then perform a rigorous set of tests to ensure the solution is safe, effective, and compliant with regulations.
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Our team will work with you to ensure your deliverables are readily integrated into your existing business systems. Adopting a new technology doesn’t have to be difficult. We will help you make the most from your new capability by ensuring the functional utility to each part of the organization.

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We stand beside you every step of the way. Some elements of your program you may want the ongoing support from our team. Some clients choose to operate their program completely independently while others choose to outsource it completely to Juniper Unmanned. From data acquisition and processing to complex analytics, we will help you capture the value of this technology.

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