Between 2003 and 2006, Jeff Cozart was deep in the dry tropical forest of the Yucatan Peninsula conducting surveys of Mayan archaeology.  He was deeply involved with cultural preservation and historical tourism.  An accurate survey of the sites was key to his mission.  He worked in hot and dangerous conditions contending with rattlesnakes, spiders, and poisonous plants.  Many of the sites were very remote and required Jeff to carry bulky and heavy GPS equipment to get there.  This challenging work resulted in Jeff’s work being featured in many publications including National Geographic Maps.

Several years later, Jeff was at a trade show where a small unmanned aircraft system was being displayed that was capable of producing high quality maps.  Remembering the difficulty of crawling through the jungle, Jeff recognized this as a game-changing technology.  He began conducting research around 2009 and joined the faculty of the University of Colorado.  Specifically, Jeff developed expertise in the use of unmanned systems for civil engineering applications.

A Juniper crew helps a client operate a Trimble unmanned system in Panama in 2015.

Jeff teamed with co-founder David White to form Juniper Unmanned, LLC in 2014, and then converted the company to a Nevada C-Corporation in March, 2015.  Together, they conducted research with the partnerships of the University of Colorado and the Colorado School of Mines.  They were one of the first recipients of a Section 333 exemption from the FAA.

When the FAA regulations changed and commercial use was approved, large commercial enterprises began contacting Jeff and David to request consulting services.  Entities recognized the achievements of the company and were eager to learn what they could do with the technology.  The company was formed to enable its clients to use the technology in meaningful and valuable ways.  And, it remains our core mission.

Since those early days, Juniper Unmanned has remained a leader in the industry.  We continue to stay on the cutting edge, so our clients can maximize the value they receive from the latest technologies.  We have trained people all over the world how to use unmanned aircraft.  We have developed advanced survey methods for Trimble, Topcon and Caterpillar. We have built models of the Cinderella’s Castle in Shanghai and searched for gold in the Rocky Mountains.  And, we remain excited about helping clients discover what’s next.

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