Data Products

Useful products made from remotely sensed data

Raw data is difficult to utilize. Storing and serving it presents challenges. Users often are not able to make sense of it. Therefore, the data has to be transformed into useful products that users can easily consume with existing software and hardware. We will help you develop the right system process data and create the right data products for your needs. If you would prefer to outsource the data processing and product development to us, we are happy to do that as well.

Examples of Data Products

  • Construction Stake Plans
  • Contour Maps
  • Digital Models
  • Earthwork Takeoffs
  • Habitat Maps
  • Land Surveys
  • Machine Control Files
  • Magnetic Intensity Maps
  • Planimetrics
  • CAD line work

The Juniper data processing team creates linework from LiDAR data for a State Department of Transportation.

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