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Juniper Unmanned is the full-service consulting division of Insita, Inc. Our passion is to help our clients apply remote sensing and analytics technologies so they have ongoing situational awareness of their infrastructure assets. Infrastructure in the United States is aging past its engineered life. And this is happening while the demand for transportation and power is rising exponentially. These two factors alone should give us great concern about the reliability and resiliency of our infrastructural systems. When you combine that with a shortage of labor with the skills to perform inspections, we have a very serious risk on our hands that is in dire need of new solutions. Juniper Unmanned was formed to provide answers for the managers of these assets. We use the cutting-edge technologies to continuously create tools that help identify the location of assets, assess their condition, and provide recommended courses of action. The nation’s infrastructure must be managed in a sustainable way that protects it for future generations.

Located in Golden, Colorado, the Juniper Unmanned team is dedicated to your service.

15000 W. 6th Avenue, Suite 330, Golden, CO 80401

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