Wind Farm Construction Support

The Mission

Develop near real-time models of an active construction site to inform site managers and improve project management.

Mission Objectives

Large scale construction projects require tremendous coordination. Contractors and their subs need to have up-to-date information about the project site and the work of others on the site. Juniper Unmanned was asked to develop a set of unique worksite intelligence products to help the client manage their earthworks and coordinate the movement of wind turbines onto the site. Those products would need to be integrated into several other softwares for consumption by project managers and engineers. Additionally, the data products would need to be easily sharable between the prime contractor and their subs.

The Solution

Juniper Unmanned designed a series of data products including forest inventory, cut-and-fill, staking diagrams, and machine control files. We supported the program by conducting data acquisition with LiDAR, digital imaging, and multispectral imaging. The fusion of these data sources allowed the client to optimize their project management, saving millions of dollars on each project. While the client originally tasked Juniper with conducting the data acquisition activities, they later opted to bring those activities in-house. Juniper consulted the client on best practices, technology selection, and personnel training.

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